Auto repair Newport Beach

Surf, sand, and wind can do damage to your car, truck, or bike. Anyone knows this in California. Santa Ana winds are really bad on the coast, many times all that dirt, rock, and sand as rockets right at your precious vehicle. This obviously can do extreme damage. There can be broken or cracked windshields, scratched paint jobs, and of course pock marks.

There will come a time, then, when you need to visit an auto body shop. A windshield or a cracked window can be fixed instantly.  No special ordering needed as shops will usually have all makes and models in stock. Getting you back on the road as soon as possible is their number one goal.

When you bring your vehicle in for auto repair, an assessment of any damage will be detailed for you to look at. Scratched paint jobs can be so bad that sanding has to be used and a new paint job has to be ordered. Or you can take tiny scratches and create your own uniqueness by creating a car tattoo. That is simply adding a design to the door, side, or back of the vehicle. Even use your own personal tattoos for inspiration as a reflection of your personal style.

If there are dents, dings, and uh-oh’s, do not panic. The professionals at most body shops have many years of experience in auto body repair. Your vehicle  will look like the day you brought it home when it is complete. At Skeeter’s Auto Repair, we accept most auto insurance, you will have peace of mind that professional quality work is done, and within a reasonable budget. This gives peace of mind for out of pocket expenses.

Body work tends to be one of the most costly expenses a car owner can incur. There could be sanding, replacing parts, and many more costly items to make the vehicle whole again. This also means it will pass inspection and be safe once again by law to drive. Any reputable auto body shop will give you and your insurance a complete breakdown of all charges and what they mean.

Besides all these major things that can be repaired, remember that at Skeeter’s, we do routine maintenance also. Changing your oil, rotating tires, checking belts and hoses, flushing out the radiator, and of course making sure the AC is running properly.

Call us today for all of your auto repair needs in Newport Beach at 949-261-0010.

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